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 Picture of one of our docks on a Maine lake


     Here at J.Mac's Docks, you can expect to be taken care of by experienced dock service mechanics that understand what real quality work and service is all about. We install and remove docks of almost every variety of dock system available in the State of Maine.

     With 25 years of experience in the business we work with wood and aluminum dock systems, as well as all of the associated accessories that go with them. We can help with designing new dock systems and enjoy thinking outside the box to come up with custom designs that best fit each customerís different needs. Every waterfront location is different, and so are the boats and/or watercrafts that you own. Given the different types of lakes, ponds and salt water tidal locations that Maine offers, it is simple to understand why there isnít a one size fits all dock system that will suit everyoneís needs.

     We are open-minded, and will design and find the best dock system solution for each customerís different needs and budget. We take pride in offering service that outperforms what many other dock service companies can do. So whether you are new to the lakeside property ownership or are just not happy with the current dock service you are paying for, please give us a try and see if we can improve your lakeside quality of life.   

Cheers and Thank You. Sincerely, Jon MacLean




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